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  • APC NetShelter SX 42U 600X1070mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black [AR3100]
    Item No. 1000024044
    APC | Rack PDU 2G, Metered, ZeroU, 16A, 230V, (18) C13 & (2) C19, IEC309 Cord (AP8858EU3); Data Cable Partition, NetShelter, 600mm Wide (AR8162ABLK); Data Cable Partition, NetShelter, 600mm Wide, pass-through (AR8163ABLK); InRow Bridge Partition, Data Cable 300 MM (ACAC10005)
  • Alba Manual Mobile File 24 Compartments [MF6-18]
    Item No. 1000026316
    Alba | Size : H. 1830 x W. 1000 x D. 3300; Chassis plate 1.2 mm; Body plate 0.8 mm; Consist of : 1 Pcs Single Statis : 4 Cpts, H. 1830 x W. 1000 x D. 400; 1 Pcs Single Dinamic : 4 Cpts, H. 1830 x W. 1000 x D. 400 ; 2 Pcs Double Dinamic : 8 Cpts, H. 1830 x W. 1000 x D. 800 ; Painting : Degreasing, Posphating, Rush Protection, Finishing Powder Coating ; Color : Grey Matt, Dark Grey
  • Abba Rack Server 19 Inch Standing Close 42U 900mm - Grey
    Item No. 1000025110
    Abba | ClosedRack,Backmetaldoor,Glassfrontdoor,600x2065x900mm (W x H x D), 1 unit Roof Fan Panel 2 Fan50unitCageNut+M6Screw,1unitVerticalPowerDistributionPanel 12 Outlets, Garansi 12 bulan Distributor
  • Innovation Rack Server IRA Series 19 Inch Close 42U [81142]
    Item No. 1000024674
    Innovation Rack | 19 inch closed rack 42U depth 1170mm width 600mm + Perforated front and rear door, incl : 4 Side Panel Top and Bottom Cover, 2 V-Cable Management, 4 Vertical Mounting, 1 Set Castor and Leveling Feet, 50 Cagenut M6x15 + Bolt M6x15 + 1 Set Key, 4 Cagenut with Bolt, 3m Cable Industrial Plug, left & right rear door , 2 PDU Power 6 Outlet Germany Type 16A
  • Indorack Rack Server 19 Inch Standing Close 42U [IR11542P]
    Item No. 1000024482
    Indorack | Perforated Front Door, Steel Rear Door and 2 Side Door with lock; 2 unit Horizontal Powerset 6 Outlet with Switch; 4 unit Fan included; 1pc Fixed Shelf and 50 set Cagenuts and Screws; 4pcs Adjustable Feet and 4pcs Castors
  • APC NetShelter SX 24U 600X1070mm Deep Enclosure [AR3104]
    Item No. 1000023754
    APC | NetShelter SX 24U 600mm x 1070mm Deep Enclosure
  • Indorack Rack Server 19 Inch Standing Heavy Duty Close [PRO11545]
    Item No. 1000023391
    Indorack | Standing Heavy Duty Close Rack 19" - Perforated Door; Width: 600mm; Depth: 1150mm; Height: 45U; Close Rack Included: 1 Pcs Fix Shelf and 50 Set Cagenuts and Screws, 2 Fan For 20U, 27U & 32U, 4 Fan For 42U & 45U; 1 Unit 12 Outlet Powerset For 42U & 45U with Switch; 1 Unit 8 Outlet Powerset For 20U, 27U & 32U With Switch, Front Door, Steel Rear Door, 2 Side Door With Lock, 4 Pcs Adjustable Foots and 4 Pcs Castors
  • Liebert Rack Server Vertiv F Series II 42U 600X1100mm [RES61042BFSCR]
    Item No. 1000023308
    Emerson | ASSEMBLY RACK (on site JKT only ); F Series II Rack 42U 600X 1100 C/W; 75% perforated doors with lock and key; Split side panels; EIA mounting rails; levelling feet; color black; Curved front door, (Exclude Castor & Exclude Bottom Part); Consist of : Rack Frame, Top cover (exclude bottom plat), 19" EIA Rails (4), Front door; rear double door complete with locks and keys, Splite Side panels 2 sets, Cage nuts; washer and screws (50 sets), Vertical cable panels for cable and mounting of PDU (2)
  • Cisco Rack Server UCS C240 M4 [UCS-SPR-C240M4-BA1]
    Item No. 1000023210
    Cisco | 1x UCS C240M4SX w/1xE52650v4,1x32GB,MRAID,1x1200W,32G SD,RAILS ; 1x SNTC 8X5XNBD Not Sold StandaloneC240M4SX Freq1w/2xE52643v4,8; 1 x 2.20 GHz E5-2650 v4/105W 12C/30MB Cache/DDR4 2400MHz; 1x 32GB DDR4-2400-MHz RDIMM/PC4-19200/dual rank/x4/1.2v; 1x 32GB SD Card for UCS servers; 1x 1200W / 800W V2 AC Power Supply for 2U C-Series Servers; 1x Power Cord, 250VAC 10A CEE 7/7 Plug, EU; 1x Ball Bearing Rail Kit for C220 & C240 M4 & M5 rack servers; 1x Power Supply Blanking Panel for C240 M4 servers; 1x Cisco M4 - v4 CPU asset tab ID label (Auto-Expand)

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